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Ten Commandments Are Quite Enough

We’ve read the Ten Commandments God has written in the Book
And I’m sure they’ve helped to make Believers good.
But if he’d been a little more coherent in this work
He’d have made the message better understood.
Number six is one example of the way he’s made it hard
For us all to find the righteous path we seek.
I would surely keep the Sabbath in a conscientious way
But he didn’t tell us which day of the week.
I don’t make craven images or anything like that
And adultery isn’t something I would do.
I hardly ever swear, and seldom take his name in vain
And everything I say is mostly true.
I suppose I haven’t honored Mom and Dad so very much
And I covet many things my neighbors get
I have blasphemed like everybody else, I have to say
But at least I haven’t murdered someone yet.






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