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My wish on Mother’s Day this year

            requires some perusal.

And that’s because it might be seen

            as just a bit unusual.

There are seven billion people now,

            and soon there will be more.

That makes me think that mothers

            might be running up the score.


I know it’s good for Hallmark stock

            and folks who sell you roses,

But I’m concerned about the hazards

            over-population poses.

We wouldn’t have a problem

            and we wouldn’t feel so daunted

If every mother’s child was one

            she really, truly wanted.


And so if you’re uncertain

            and your head is full of maybes;

Then give consideration

            to not having any babies.

I suspect there might have been a time

            when Eve had said to Adam,

“Let’s go back into the Garden

            and pretend we never had ‘em.”





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