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Ask me about my latest book

Some people use to say that discussing religion was a thing to be avoided,
but I have found it to be the most stimulating topic for conversation,
especially among people who are willing to share their doubts and beliefs.
If you are one of those, you may find this book to be helpful—or not. 
In any case, it is sincere—maybe a little preachy, but also entertaining 

The Untold Story of the Word

       A satire on the Old Testiment 

The Hebrew people need guidance, so God writes Ten Commandments

and delivers them to Moses. But the Devil trips Moses as he comes

down the mountain and the Tablets are broken. Moses then proceeds

to rewrite the Commandments leaving out some of God's most

compelling admonitions and adding a few of his own. 


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The Untold Story of the Word



 At my age I hear lots of poems about the Good Old Days.

So I have been moved to write one of my own.




Remember in the Good Old Days

When everything was right

You really had the Good Life—

At least if you were White.


You didn’t need diversity

Of color or of race

Minorities were quiet

And Darkies knew their place.


A man could work for wages

At most any job he’d seek

And did so without unions

For six days of the week.


You didn't have the benefit

Of healthcare on your side

If you got sick with Whooping Cough

Well then, you simply died.


Women didn’t have a vote

For anyone who ran

And if they had a question

Well, they’d have to ask their man.


In school we learned the facts of life

Which led us to amaze

That god created everything

In less than seven days.


So you may think those times were full

Of Happiness and Clover.

But as for me I have to say

I’m glad they’re finally over.



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A Book of Verse—and Thou beside me singing in the Wilderness

—Omar Khayyam 



It's Nice To Take A Gift


    Jack Hasling 

A little book of rhyming verses
designed for reading aloud

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                                       IT'S NICE TO TAKE A GIFT

It’s Nice To Take a Gift

when you’re invited out to dine,

And often you might choose to bring

a very special wine.


 But if perhaps there’s something

that your hostess hasn’t read,

Then I suggest you think about

a Book of Verse instead.

 The one I have in mind might be

the perfect shape and size.

The thoughts are very thoughtful

and the wisdom’s very wise.


She’ll like it just as much

as even Shakespeare or Cervantes,

And it’s priced about the same

as some acceptable Chiantis.