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To graduate from college now

            you’ll need the Internet,

A computer or an iPhone—

            after that you’ll be all set.

There isn’t any chance that there

            will ever be a swindle

Since all the textbooks that you read

            will always be on Kindle.

The professors are on YouTube,

            not in the lecture hall.

And TA’s will be Tweeting—

            they won’t bother you at all.


Libraries are obsolete

            because they are so slow;

Just go on line and Google

            anything you want to know.

And labs—well, there are programs now

            that reconstruct the studies.

Seminars are chat rooms

            where you can always find your buddies.

You can simulate most everything—

            the ball and senior dance.

You can even go to iTunes now

            for Pomp and Circumstance.

And then at graduation

            you won’t have to fight the mob,

Just download your diploma

            and start lookin’ for a job. 





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